About Mid Day Meal

Mid Day Meal Scheme was introduced in the State Meghalaya since 1995 by giving dry ration to LP schools only. As per directives of the Supreme Court Order, cooked meal is provided to all Govt. and Govt. Aided Lower Primary and Upper Primary Schools @ 100 grams for Primary and 150 grams for Upper Primary per child per day for 10 academic months.

The main objectives of Mid Day Meal Programme in the State is to boost universalisation of elementary education. Mid Day Meal Programme is to attract more children to come to school and in this way it will increase enrolment, attendance, retention and bring down drop-out rate, improving the nutritional status of children and encourage poor children to attend school regularly and help them to concentrate on classroom activities – stop classroom hunger.

The cost of conversion food grain into hot cooked meal is met jointly by the Centre and State Government as per norms.

The Government of India provides food grain free of cost through Food Corporation of India (FCI) and the transportation cost of rice calculated as per PDS Rate of the State is met by Government of India.

Cooked Mid Day Meal containing 480 calories and 13 grams of proteins per child per day for a minimum of 200 days in a year is provided to Government and Government aided Primary schools and 700 calories and 20 grams of proteins per child per day for 220 days for Upper Primary Schools.

All School Managing Committees are instructed to see that all Government and Government aided LP and UP schools where cooked Mid Day Meal is provided should have the required calories and proteins preferably locally available vegetables including fruits, bananas, eggs etc.

Components of Mid Day Meal Scheme and Funding Sharing Pattern

  • Foodgrain (100% Central)
  • Cost of Foodgrain (100% Central)
  • Cooking Cost/Conversion Cost (90% Central, 10% State)
  • Honorarium to Cooks-Cum-Helpers (90% Central, 10% State)
  • Transportation Cost of Foodgrain (100% Central)
  • Kitchen Sheds. (90% Central, 10% State)
  • Kitchen Devices (100% Central)
  • Toilet/Drinking water facilities (PHE/SSA)
  • School Health Programme (DHS)

Norms Entitlement

  • No of School Working days 200 for LPS and 220 for UPS
  • Foodgrain entitlement per child per day is 100 grams for LPS and 150 grams for UPS
  • Cost of foodgrain is @ Rs.3000/- per Metric ton.
  • Transportation cost is @ Rs.980/- per Metric ton.
  • Cooking cost is Rs.4.13 for LPS and Rs.6.18 for UPS from July 2016 onwards for procurement of cooking ingredients and its revised every year.
  • Honorarium to cook-cum-helpers is @ Rs.1000/- per month per cook for 10 months. (1-25 children one cook, 26-100 children two cooks, and every additional of 100 children one cook extra).
  • Kitchen sheds is at plinth area norms based on enrolment strength.
    • For E.g. 100 enrolment is 20 sq.m, 200 enrolment is 24 sq.m etc, and the rate is Rs.13,372/- per sq.m.
  • Kitchen devices is @ Rs.5000/- per schools for procurement of kitchen devices.

Convergence Department & Their Role

  • Public Health Engineer (PHE) Department :
    • Role: Supply of Drinking Water, Hand washing facilities, Water Tank and Toilets facilities, and toilet facilities is also being provided under SSA.
  • Health Department:
    • Role: Conducting School Health Programme and to provide micro nutrients Vitamin A, De-worming tablets and issue of Health Card, measuring of Height and weight of school children, Eye Check-up and distribution of free spectacles
  • Food Civil Supplies Department:
    • Role: Supervising on smooth supply, lifting & delivery of foodgrain to the Schools.
  • Social Welfare Department:
    • Role: Coverage of Pre-Primary School Children under the scheme as MDM cover only children from class IV to VIII .

Supply of Foodgrain

  • Foodgrain is supplied free of cost by GOI through FCI.
  • Food grain is lifted by the Dy. Commissioner (Supply),quarterly/monthly through the Government Nominees like Wholesalers/Fair Price Shop Dealers from the FCI Godown.
  • Transportation and distribution of Food grains are being done by the respective Dy. Commissioners (Supply) through the Wholesalers/Govt. Nominees up to the School Level.
  • To ensure lifting of FAQ foodgrains Deputy Commissioner Supply through the inspecting staff along with the officers/inspecting staff of the District Education Officers jointly conduct inspection of food grains. SMCs are also to see that FAQ Food grain is being supplied to the schools.

Procurement and storage of cooking ingredients and condiments

  • Schools are to procure cooking ingredients in a prescribed cost of meal below per child per day as per Nutrition Norms including both Central and State Share from the Cooking Cost released to them.
  • The storage of ingredients and condiments are kept in the kitchen –cum- store room in tight containers.


SR. No. Food item Primary Upper Primary
    Quantity (in gms) Cost of Qty (in Rs.) Calories Protein content (in gms) Quantity (in gms) Cost of Qty (in Rs.) Calories Protein content (in gms)
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
1 Foodgrains (Wheat/Rice) 100 Supplied free 340 8 100 Supplied free 340 8
2 Pulses 20 1.5 70 5 20 1.5 70 5
3 Vegetables ( in leafy) 50 0.5 25 - 50 0.5 25 -
4 Oil & fat 5 0.7 45 - 5 0.7 45 -
5 Salt & Condiments - 0.43 - - - 0.43 - -
6 Fuel - 1 - - - 1 - -
- Total 175 4.13 480 13 175 4.13 480 13

Weekly Menu

Days Menu Other option
Monday Khichidi (Rice+dal+nutrela/any local and seasonal vegetable) Local and seasonal fruit Khichidi (Rice+bengal gram) Pickle (Gooseberry/mango or any other pickle made out of local and seasonal fruit)
Tuesday Rice Dal Fried mixed vegetable (Potato+any local and seasonal green leafy vegetable like mustard leaves/radish leaves/spinach/any other) Rice Dal Fried mixed vegetable (Potato+any type of beans/ plantain flower/ladies finger/any local and seasonal vegetable)
Wednesday Rice Egg curry (Cauliflower/squash/other gourds/any local and seasonal vegetable+ tomato + boiled egg) Rice Dal (Cooked along with vegetables like carrot/squash/other gourds/green papaya/cabbage or any local and seasonal vegetable) Boiled egg
Thursday Rice Vegetable curry (Potato+tomato+kabuli/bengal gram/peas) Local and seasonal fruit Rice Dal (Cooked along with any local and seasonal green leafy vegetables like radish leaves/mustard leaves/spinach/any other) Papad (Roasted)
Friday Rice Dal Fried mixed vegetable (Nutrela+pumpkin/tomato/any other local and seasonal vegetable) -
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