Best Practices

The State Government of Meghalaya has adopted different methods and practices to improve the implementation of Mid Day Meal Scheme. Some of the practices taken up by the state are:

1. Setting up of corpus fund:

The State Government has established a corpus fund amounting to Rs. 10 crores since April 2015 to avoid any delay in releasing of funds to school.

2. E-Transfer of Mid Day Meal Funds:

All Mid Day Meal funds such as Conversion cost and honorarium of Cook-cum-Helpers are being e-transferred directly to the school’s bank account and Cook-cum-Helper’s personal account respectively.

3. Community Participations:

In some areas, Parents and community contribute vegetables, fruits, firewood etc. to schools for cooking of meals for the children.

The state Government of Meghalaya encourages all schools serving Mid Day Meal Scheme to device different innovative ideas and practices to help and improve the implementation of the scheme. Different practices such as hand washing before and after the meals, booklets gardening, usage of lunch box for serving meals are being practiced by many schools. Some districts have prepared booklets and pamphlets on guidelines on food safety and hygiene for school level bookletss under Mid Day Meal Scheme. They have also prepared posters as an awareness campaign regarding Mid Day meal rules 2015 under National Food Security Act, 2013.

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